Volunteerism – Gail Peters

Volunteerism is alive and well among the members of St. Aidan’s congregation. Since our members come from many different towns surrounding Machias we often are not aware of their efforts in their local communities. I’d like to begin a series of blog posts to share some of the wonderful work our members are doing.

Gail Peters is a very active member of St. Aidan’s and involved in so many community activities in the area that it will take many posts to cover them all!  To choose just one of her roles, Gail is on the board of the community chapel in her beautiful town of Roque Bluffs, just down the road from Machias. I’ll let her tell you about the chapel:

roque bluffs chapel“Sunday morning is always the right time to be at a worship service. But if you find yourself traveling or newly arrived in town and don’t make it to St. Aidan’s in the morning, you might want to visit the Roque Bluffs Community Chapel at the crossroads on the way to the Roque Bluffs State Park.   The chapel holds worship services on Sunday evenings at 6:30 P.M.  The services are held from the middle of June to the end of October.  There are afternoon services for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   The chapel is non-denominational  hosting a variety of Christian clergy to conduct a service each week.  The Reverend David Gardner has been called by the members of the chapel to be our spiritual leader and administrator.  The services focus on singing, praying and always a thought provoking sermon from the perspective of each spiritual tradition represented by the full spectrum of clergy who grace the chapel.  There are many social activities and a weekly Bible study in conjunction with the Union Church in Jonesboro.  You are always invited to St. Aidan’s, but if you find yourself at the park on a late Sunday afternoon and want a unique spiritual opportunity then, come to the chapel where you will be greeted like family.”

If you would like a schedule of services, or more information about the chapel,  you can contact Gail.