Schedule of Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, and Lay Ministers + Coffee Hour Responsibility + Prayer List



English: Detail of the prayer book

English: Detail of the prayer book (Photo credit: Wikipedia

St. Aidan’s List of Readers and Eucharistic Ministers                   

Readers                             Eucharistic Ministers            Prayer Worship Leaders        

February, 2018:                        February, 2018:                                  February, 2018:

 4– Mardi Russ                                                                                         4– Anne McGhie

 11– Wayne Peters                        11– Wayne Peters                       

 14– Sue O’Clair                           14– Sue O’Clair                           ASH WEDNESDAY

 18– Dale Miller                                                                                       18– Gail Peters

 25– Karen Varian                        25– Jackie O’Clair                                 


March, 2018:                            March, 2018:                                      March, 2018:

 4– Eunice Mommens                                                                                4– Jackie O’Clair

 11– Sue O’Clair                           11– Anne McGhie

 18– Dale Miller                                                                                       18– Anne McGhie         

 25– Passion Reading                    25– Sue O’Clair                             PALM SUNDAY    


April, 2018:                               April, 2018:                                         April, 2018:

 1– Karen Varian                                 1– Anne McGhie                                 EASTER

 8– Eunice Mommens                    8– Sue O’Clair

 15– Sue O’Clair                                                                                       15– Sue O’Clair

 22– Dale Miller                           22– Jackie O’Clair            

 29– Joanne Jacob                        29– Sue O’Clair


** We will be using Prayers of the People Form IV which will be printed with the list of people for we are praying


 Coffee Schedule

Feb. 4th     The Peters

Feb. 11th    Mardi Russ

Feb. 18th    Dale Miller

Feb. 25th    Karen Varian

Mar. 4th     Sue O’Clair

Mar. 11th    Steve Wiggin

Mar. 18th   Dale Miller

Mar. 25th   (Palm Sunday)   Sue O’Clair

Apr. 1st      (Easter)   Potluck Lunch

Apr. 8th    Eunice Mommens

Apr. 15th   Sue O’Clair

Apr. 22nd   Dale Miller

Apr. 29th  Sue O’Clair


Prayer List

Person Added To Prayer List Requested By
John Previti Marga James
Kadence Previti Marga James
Wayne Norman Sue O’Clair
Barbara Tilton Lori Schnieders
Charlie Wagner Betsy French
Ethel Quackenbush Connie Wiggin
Anne Shire
Charles Norburg Karen Varian
Jennifer Nulph and family
Paul Bachini
Carol Jean Anderson Mary Anderson
Alfred Brown
Chris Campbell
Barbara McGhie Anne McGhie
Brian Walls Lori Schnieders
Lillian Anderson Mary Anderson
Bob Pinion Jackie O’Clair
Martha Pinion Sue O’Clair
James Raymond Karen Varian
Taylor Creevy Betsy French
Dana Godek Anne McGhie
Gail Gilchrist Sue O’Clair
Marty Hipp Connie Wiggin
John O’Clair Jackie O’Clair
Lori Schnieders Jackie O’Clair
Bobby Grey Steve Wiggin
Joan Waag and family Sue O’Clair
the Howlett family Anne McGhie
Arlene Smith Gail Peters
Eric Wiggin Steve Wiggin
Connie Wiggin Connie Wiggin