Schedule of Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Prayer Worship Leaders, Coffee Hour Hosts / Telephone Tree List / Prayer List

Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Prayer Worship Leaders, Coffee Hour Hosts

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St. Aidan’s Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Prayer Worship Leaders, Coffee Hour Hosts List – Jan to Apr 2020


Saint Aidan’s Winter Phone Tree for 2019-2020

The decision to cancel service is made the night before.  If the service has been cancelled, we will post a note on the website as well as leave a message on the Church answering machine at 207-255-4995.

                      ———-————-  Discuss Closure  ——————–

 Jacqueline O’Clair              (207 255-0189)

Rev. Lynn Rutledge+           (Cell 207 214-7548)      (Home 207 726-0661)

Steve and Connie Wiggin   (207 497-2698)                    


Person making the call:Person’s being called:
Jacqueline O’Clair (207 255-0189)

Gail & Wayne Peters (207 255-3768)

Robert French (207 659-5764)

Karen Varian(207 259-1198) (alt. 207 271-0572)

Connie Wiggin (207 497-2698)  

Mardi Russ (cell 443 350-4009)

Eunice Mommens (207 733-4855)

Paul & Barbara Powers (H 207-497-2203 Cell 207 598-7197)

Gail Peters (207 255-3768)

Dale Miller (207 271-6173)

Beverly Nichols (207 497-2697)

Rebecca Paine (207 255-0161)

Lisa Carlisle (207 255-3068)

Robert French (207 659-5764)

Greg Campbell (207 497-2394)

Scot Willson (207 598-0211)

Sharon Davenport (207 930-5217)

Karen Varian (207 259-1198)

Anne McGhie (Cell 207 263-7059) (Home 207 259-7117)

Pam Miller (207 259-3328)

Martha & Bob Pinon ( H 207 733-0003)

Dale Miller (207 271-6173)

Anne O’Brien (cell 207 592-0641 H 207 2593461)

Steve Colhoun (207 497-2881)

Chuck and Diane Parker (417 629-8662)


Rules for call list use: If you cannot contact the person you are to call, please call the people that person was supposed to call. An answering machine does not count as contact.        Updated on January 28, 2019


Prayer List

Person Added To Prayer ListRequested By
Charlie Wagner                                          Betsy French
Barbara McGhieAnne McGhie
Bob & Martha PinionJackie & Sue O’Clair
John & Zola O’ClairJackie & Sue O’Clair
Taylor CreevyBetsy French
Marty HippConnie Wiggin
Jonathan NorburgKaren Varian
Ingrid SaurAnne McGhie
Marge AhlinKaren Varian
Ian NorburgKaren Varian
Marcia WilsonAnne McGhie
Kensie GilbSteve Wiggin
Joey Lyons & familyAnne McGhie
Steve ColhounGail Peters
Joan WaagSue O’Clair
Jerome McDonaldSue O’Clair
DannyDale Miller
the family of Michael McManusJackie O’Clair
Karen VarianSue O’Clair
Harriet BagleySteve Wiggin
Thelma GraySteve Wiggin
Linda ParkerChuck & Diane Parker
Wesley & Pat MawhinneyAnne McGhie
Jim GillanDale Miller
David WhilesEunice Mommens
Jennifer WilliamsSue O’Clair
Malcolm Holmes’ family and friendsAnn O’Brien
Andy DillSteve Wiggin
Oscar Norton and familyLynn Rutledge
Delia FerrisAnne McGhie
Catherine RyanquintSue O’Clair
Bishop Lane and familySue O’Clair
Kim RoosDelia Ferris
Heather VoseAnne McGhie
Chris Burke, Betty O’Clair & Debbie O’ClairSue O’Clair
Steve Wiggin and familyConnie Wiggin
Claire McGhieAnne McGhie
Katie and her momConnie Wiggin
Gretchen Cherry and familySue O’Clair