Bishop Thomas Brown will make his first visits to the three Washington County Episcopal Churches at the end of this month. He’ll spend almost four days with us, and during that time will meet with Vestries, clergy and congregations as well as touring our towns, stopping in at ministry projects, blessing a memorial garden and confirming and receiving new members.

Saturday, November 2 – Bishop Brown will head to Machias where he will meet with the St. Aidan’s Vestry and with confirmands. In the late afternoon, he will bless the new Stephen Moyer Memorial Garden, have supper with parishioners and preside at Holy Eucharist with Confirmation in the evening.


We now have a brand new beautiful worship space here at St. Aidan’s. The Stephen Moyer Memorial Garden was competed this fall – the seed money for this project was from memorial gifts given to his remembrance. Next season will see many beautiful flowers planted in the circle areas of the cross and the hedge made of Rosa Rugosa is growing nicely. The garden will be dedicated to Steven Moyer by Bishop Thomas Brown during his visit with us on November 2nd. As with all projects, time and the final size of this project was more than originally estimated however, we believe you will agree that the outcome has been well worth the wait and it is a great addition to St. Aidan’s.

St. Aidan’s continues to grow and what a wonderful worship space we have been given to help enrich our faith and share in our joy and love.

Stephen Moyer Memorial Garden