August 27 Unapproved Vestry Minutes

James, Dale Miller, Jackie O’Clair, Rev. Lynn Rutledge, Connie Wiggin Congregation Members:  Steve Wiggin and Susan O’Clair

8/27/17 10:40 AM – The meeting was opened with a prayer by Lynn.

Rector’s Opening Comments:  Lynn welcomed Steve Wiggin to the meeting and asked him to tell us about a project he wants to do to reach out to the students at UMM.  Steve talked about a doing a “Taize” service to see if it would appeal to the students at UMM.  It is a prayer service consisting of meditative singing and periods of silence in order to reach a contemplative state.  He is suggesting doing 3 services – once a month – starting in October.  It was suggested that if we could get Gene Nichols and/or Lori Schneiders involved, that might help to get the students involved.  Steve has put together a card which could be passed out advertising it.  Jackie also suggested we could possibly see about getting the other 4 Churches involved that we held the Lenten series services with.

Minutes:  Jackie mentioned that a correction needed to be made to the statement that Lynn and Jackie conducted the July meeting.  Lynn is the one that conducts the meetings – Jackie facilitates them.  Jackie would only conduct a meeting in Lynn’s absense.  A motion was made by Dale to accept the minutes of the July meeting with the correction stated; seconded by Connie.  Motion passed.

Warden’s Report:  Jackie reported that the painting of the west side of the Church was coming along well.  Because the time it took to get a first coat on the wall was only a couple of hours, she was not going to get a painting party together to work on it and that she would just work with Billy Day and his brother Brian to finish it up. Jackie also reported that after checking with Eastern Plumbing and Heating, RH Foster and Dead River on the charges for purchasing our own propane tank and the cost of fuel for it, Eastern Plumbing was the most inexpensive company for this project.  She also reported that the cost for digging the trench for the new piping from where the tank will be put to the hookup at the Church would run about $200.00 and would be done by Wood & Sons.

Junior Warden’s Report:  Marga did not have anything to report at this time.

Treasurer’s Report:  We are still in good shape with pledges coming in.  We now have a Music Fund which is where the money for the CDs from the concert in July will come from – we have 30 CDs on order.  We raised $740.00 from the concert for buying/replacing the propane tank.  Marga also offered 20% of the sale of her goods towards the groundwork for the tank.  A motion was made by Jackie to accept the Treasurer’s report; seconded by Marga.  Motion passed.

Dale also mentioned that this month we received a check from the Diocese from our investment funds of $13.21 which was not expected.  Jackie said that she thought the Vestry had voted to have any monies reinvested in the funds.  Lynn will talk to Terry Reimer to have him check on this.


Memorial Garden update:  In Gail’s absence, Jackie reported that Gail had come up with a simple design of a Celtic Cross for the garden which would have rosa rugosa bushes along two borders and bulbs planted in the center areas in the cross.  The pathway would be about 4 feet wide to allow for easy walking/access with a bench where people could sit and meditate.  She reported that Gail has been talking to the “We Dig It” company (that does our gardens now) and Billy Day for bids on doing the work.  Dale indicated that she had rosa rugosa bushes that she would donate towards it and will get back to Jackie on how much she has available.  She will also get to Gail to make sure she knew she had these plants available for our use.

Downeast Feast update:  Dale reported that she had understood from some people that had attended the last Downeast Feast, that there were religious items as centerpieces on the tables.  Susie Maxwell sent out a long email about the need to keep these community gatherings non-religious.  It was suggested by some in the group that headed this effort that it should follow what the Maine Seacoast Mission does with their gatherings – which are held on Sunday afternoons.  Dale did not feel comfortable with the way things were going and is backing out of being in this group.  Since Lynn has not been receiving any of the emails, she asked Dale to forward the entire email chain to her.


Second Sunday Offering:  Jackie suggested that the second Sunday offering for September go towards the Rector’s Discretionary Fund as it has been taking a hit lately with people looking for assistance.  Connie asked what the procedure was if someone should approach her for assistance and Lynn said she could give them one of her cards which has her cell phone number on it or direct them to Center Street Congregational Church.  A motion was made by Jackie for this; seconded by Dale.  Motion passed.

Nominating Committee:  Jackie indicated that it was time to get a Nominating Committee together for getting the names of the people for Officers and the person for the 1-year position on the Vestry.  Bob Pinion is the person currently in the 1-year position however we are not sure he will be able to fill the position again this coming year.  Dale will call him and Martha on Tuesday to talk to him about what he wants to do.  Both Dale and Jackie have indicated that they are willing to stay in their current Officer positions (Treasurer and Senior Warden respectively).  Lynn asked Steve Wiggin if he would serve on the committee and Dale also volunteered to be on it as well.  Jackie asked that they have a roster put together by the end of September as it is needed before the Annual Meeting (late October/early November).

Connie mentioned that Steve is already working on a fundraiser venue for next year – a plant sale with either selling baked goods or lunch (maybe chowder).  He has a number of lillies he will be dividing in the Spring and will be looking for assistance to dig them up and with providing pots.

The next Vestry meeting will be Sunday, September 24th.  Connie indicated that she will not be able to attend as they will be away.

A motion to adjourn was made at 11:30 AM by Connie; seconded by Marga.  Motion passed.

Meeting ended with a brief closing prayer by Lynn.

Respectfully submitted,

    • These are the yet-to-be-approved minutes of the August meeting. 

    • To learn more, please contact either the Wardens or any member of the Vestry


Vestry meets with bishop Lane on March 22, 2017

From left to right: Gail Peters,  Dale Miller, Connie Wiggin and Bishop Lane standing

St Aidan’s 2017 Vestry

Senior Warden:  Jacqueline O’Clair

Junior Warden:  Marga James

Secretary:   Gail Peters

Treasurer:  Dale Miller

Vestry:  Robert Pinion (2017) Connie Wiggen (2018) Anne McGhie (2019)

Meet Gail Peters


I have lived in Downeast Maine since 2002.  I attended a Lutheran Church prior to moving to ME.  The Episcopal Church is in full communion with the Lutheran Church; so, it was a natural fit for me.  In fact I had been studying to become a Lutheran pastor while living in Alexandria, VA.  The nearest seminary was Virginia Theological Seminary an Episcopal school of theology in Alexandria.  Virginia Theological Seminary worked with a consortium of schools including Gettysburg Seminary where I was technically enrolled.  Church means family to me.  It has always been my rock of support especially during my husband’s 35 years in the military with his many deployments.  Even now, as I live far away from biological family members, I find St. Aidan’s to be a spirit lead family of brothers and sisters.