Vestry Minutes (Unapproved)

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church                                                                       Vestry Meeting   August 26, 2018


Present: Greg Campbell, Steve Colhoun, Joanne Jacob, Anne McGhie, Dale Miller, Jackie O’Clair, Susan O’Clair, Gail Peters, Rev. Lynn Rutledge ᵻ

Meeting opened with prayer by Lynn ᵻ.

Dwelling in the Word was moved to the last item on the agenda as one of the vestry members had to leave by 11:00.

Rector’s Comments: General Convention Results: Several minimal impact to us changes have been made.  There will be changes in the wording of the Book of Common Prayer to be more inclusive.  St. Aidan’s has already been practicing this.  The available choice of marriage rites for same sex couples will include the traditional service as well as one specifically written for them.   The Diocese of Cuba was readmitted to the World-Wide Anglican Communion.

Lynn ᵻ commented on her upcoming vacation days.  She will be gone from October 15th to 23rd.  She may also take a few days in September to be home for her kitchen remodeling.

Minutes: A motion was made to accept the May vestry minutes.  Second.  No corrections.  All members accepted them as presented. Motion made to accept the June vestry minutes.  Second. No corrections.  All members accepted them as presented.

Warden’s Report: The preparation and painting of the back wall will begin in the next 7 to 10 days. The boards in the back of the building must be bleached before they are sanded and painted.  This is to prevent mold from being sanded into the boards.  Once the boards are prepared, Jackie will ask members of the congregation to paint the safer areas within reach.  The front step and box near the handrail will have another coat of gray paint.

Treasurer’s Report: There was a review of the May 31st, corrected June 30th and July 31st reports. Question raised regarding the year to date plate offering which is $3,800 with $2,000 in April alone.  Why so much in April?  Plate offering is all money other than pledge donations.  Easter accounted for the increase that month.  Next question, it appears we are behind in our property and liability insurance payment.  We pay semi-annually, the second payment has been made and will be in the August report. Question there was an expense of $50 for postage.  This was the purchase of postage stamps and not a big mailing.  Motion made to approve the three reports.  Second.  All accepted.


Painting Fund numbers are as follows: The plant sale event raised$1,592.47.  The July special appeal raised $1,922. Total is $3,479.57 (sic).  The original estimate was $2,500.  We anticipate that the quote will remain firm especially considering our sweat equity.

The Memorial Garden: The garden construction will be delayed until spring.  It cannot take place before the back wall is scraped and painted.


Audit Committee: The committee will consist of Jackie O’Clair, Susan O’Clair, Dale Miller and Greg Campbell.  It is anticipated that the audit will occur on a Sunday after worship service and last two hours.  The audit must be completed prior to the annual meeting.

Nominating Committee: Must be formed and complete its duties prior to the annual meeting.  Gail Peters has been asked to chair this committee.  She accepted.  Jackie O’Clair, Dale Miller and Gail Peters have all agreed to remain in their current positions as officers.  As agreed, Greg Campbell has completed his one-year term as Junior Warden.  Susan O’Clair has completed the vestry member vacancy she filled.

Gail will seek an additional member of the Nominating Committee who will help with finding two people for these positions.  (Later news: to be a vestry member you must be a pledging member.)

Annual Meeting Date: It was requested that the meeting be held earlier this year.  (Previous annual meeting 11/12/17) Some discussion regarding vestry member availability. Motion made to have the 2018 Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 14th. Second. All agreed.

Second Sunday Second Offering: The vestry made the following designations the second Sunday in September donation will be made to the Alzheimer Foundation in honor of Gail Gilchrist.  The October offering will be for the Fischer House where Martha Pinion has lived for the past 20 months.  The November offering will be given to the Christmas Giving Tree.  The December offering will be given to the DECP (Down East Coastal Partners – consolidation with WHCA) for fuel.

Next Vestry Meeting:  September 23rd.

Dwelling in the Word continued. Motion to adjourn.  All agreed. Meeting ended with prayer by Lynn ᵻ.



Gail J. Peters, Clerk



ST. Aidan’s Annual Meeting
November 12 2017

Opening Prayer
Rectors Comment’s
2016 Annual Report
Warden’s Comments
Treasurer’s Report
2016 Audit Result’s
Draft 2018 Budget Numbers
Election of Officers and Vestry
Senior Warden Jacqueline O’Clair
Junior Warden Greg Campbell
Clerk Gail Peters
Treasurer Dale Miller
Vestry Joanne Jacob – 3 year term (expires 2020)
Reports: Warden’s report Living Local Program Music Program Memorial Garden Project
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
Adjournment and Closing Prayer



As I look back on the year since our last Annual Meeting, I have been amazed at the number of things this small and faithful congregation has done. We accomplished some major painting projects – in the sanctuary and narthex, as well as on one outside wall. Members of the congregation worked alongside the contractors. We hosted a community Downeast Feast potluck and helped to sponsor the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper with Sunrise Opportunities. We have gotten to know some UMM students with our seasonal snack and fruit tables in the Science Building Lobby. Students from Mt. Desert High School stayed with us during Rainbow Weekend at UMM. Our Bishop Stephen Lane visited the Washington County Episcopal Churches in March. Our Vestry met with him, and one person was confirmed and two renewed their baptismal vows. This summer our Music Director Stephen Wiggin presented a wonderful organ concert. Our sanctuary was filled with an appreciative audience. The concert was recorded and CDs were produced and sold. Our Living Local: Joining God group has been listening to members of the congregation and community and attending diocesan meetings with other congregations that are involved in this process of finding God in our communities. Several clergy in this area have come together for companionship and to plan special ecumenical services and projects. Our first venture was a Lenten series of evening worship services at four area churches. We hope there will be more and are looking at other possibilities for collaboration. And through all these activities, people came together for worship, tended to the needs of our building, cared for the altar, led and assisted with worship, shoveled snow, served on Vestry, and helped with painting. My love and thanks to you all. Blessings, Lynn+

Minutes from 2016 meeting

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Annual Meeting October 30, 2016

Present: Joanne Jacob, Sharen Eaton, Karen Varian, Jackie O’Clair, Susan O’Clair, Stephen Wiggin, Connie Wiggin, Steve Colhoun, Marga James, Reverend Lynn Rutledge, Dale Miller, Wayne Peters, Gail Peters, Greg Campbell, Martha Pinion, and Bob Pinion Annual Meeting opened with a prayer from Rev. Lynn Rutledge. Minutes: of 2015 Annual Meeting read by Lynn. One correction to the minutes on page two “However, except for a very small fee to run the shop approximately $1,500 and maintenance of the building the remainder of the money goes to outreach…..” portion in red added to the minutes. Motion to accept the minutes as amended. Second. Passed. Treasurer’s Report: Question by member of the congregation, changing the restricted funds to unrestricted funds as stated in the Annual Meeting minutes of 2015 did not occur. Response, it is a small amount of money and very difficult to change the designation. It was determined that designated funds should remain so to comply with the wishes of the donors. The proposed budget for 2017 was presented. The acting treasurer explained how the proposed budget was constructed. Wayne used the numbers from January to June with the knowledge that certain contributions are made once per year. He accounted for that part of the income. Then, he used July to September, all figures for October are not currently available. These were the numbers used for 2017 projected contributions. The projected income for 2017 may increase once the October through December, 2016 contributions are considered. The treasurer has asked those present to consider increasing their pledges by 3% to help offset costs for the coming year. Jackie and Lynn will meet to discuss the stewardship letter which will include the request that members increase their pledges if they are able. Some budgeted money for 2016 was not fully used as in the snowplow bill. For 2017, it was decided to keep that line item cost at the 2016 number in anticipation of a snowy winter. The exact cost of worker’s compensation and health care in 2017 will not be known until November. Question does line 18 Other Prop Expense & Plowing include the gift certificate given to our volunteer snow shoveling person? It does not, it was determined that expense was included under line 15 Congregational Life. Question was workman’s comp which appears as a deficit in our 2015 actual expenses paid? Yes, it was paid to the diocese into a central fund which makes the rate cheaper than expected. We were reminded that there were some generous donors who contributed to balance the budget for 2015. Members present thanked Wayne Peters for acting as treasurer after Rob French’s move to Canada. Wayne gave credit to Rob for establishing a system to make the responsibilities of the treasurer easier. The congregation does not vote on the proposed budget. It was presented at today’s meeting to keep members informed of income and outgo now and into the new year.
Proposed Amendments: An amendment to the by-laws was presented by the vestry. Under 4.2 the vestry proposes the words when possible by added in the following manor: There shall be two or more additional Vestrypersons, “When possible two or more members of the same household or family shall not serve concurrently on the Vestry.” The rationale behind this revision is that our congregation is small and we do not want to decrease the size of our vestry. We anticipate that it will become increasingly more difficult to find vestry members as not everyone is willing or able to serve. This is particularly true for the office of treasurer. However, having a bookkeeper has made the job much easier. Motion made to accept the amendment. Second. Discussion followed. The proposed amendment to the by-law 4.2 makes sense especially if a family moves from the area and if those two vestry members are officers. Concern was voiced that one family could exercise control over the vestry that is why it would be best to leave the by-law as is currently written. Response, it might be dangerous to have one or two families controlling the parish; however, we elect the vestry members; so, any person could volunteer to prevent this scenario. Our pool of potential vestry members could increase if we considered part-time members. There is technology which allows out of the area members to attend a meeting. Lynn is aware this is currently the situation in St. Anne’s, Calais and Christ Church, Eastport. It is not ideal, could be costly, but it can be done. Members at the meeting were assured that the Nominating Committee would be asked to try not to ask two members of the same family or household. Delaying the vote on the amendments means that we must either have a special congregational meeting to vote on amending the by-law or wait until the 2017 annual meeting. Question was called. Vote on changing the by-law 4.2 with the addition of the words when possible. Aye 14/ Nay 2 Marga James and Greg Campbell requested that their names be recorded as the nay votes. Motion carried. Regarding our second proposed amendment to the by-laws under section 3 membership, Lynn explained that she heard this week from the new diocesan lawyer. He informed her after reviewing our new by-laws, under section 3 regarding membership, they must be amended to comply with State of Maine law. Under section 3 the words in writing must appear in the last criteria for membership. Thus, the by-law must read: Declares in writing an intention to support the Parish by regular attendance at public worship and by stewardship. Motion made to accept this change to the by-law. Second. Discussion. What does it mean to be a member of St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church? If you are not a member technically you are unable to serve on the vestry or vote at the annual meeting. Those present expressed concerns regarding the meaning of membership and inclusion in the Episcopal Church. We are a membership with many faith backgrounds who have currently found a church home at St. Aidan’s. Some expressed surprise that the State of Maine would have such a requirement and that requiring signature on a document was not consistent with our fellowship. Lawyer Andy Cadot of St. Aidan’s reviewed our by-laws prior to submission to the diocese in 2015. However, the addition of these words “in writing”, are to comply with the State of Maine and our diocesan request. Question called. All agreed in calling the question. The motion to approve the addition of the words “in writing” to our current by-laws passed. Aye 12/ Nay 0 /Abstentions 3. Motion was carried. Nominating Committee: The committee consisted of the following members Marty Hartnett, Lynn Rutledge, Pam Miller, and Jackie O’Clair. They presented the following slate: Senior Warden Jackie O’Clair Junior Warden Marga James Clerk Gail Peters Treasurer Dale Miller
Vestry Person Bob Pinion (term expires 2017, filling Dale Miller’s term) Anne McGhie for a three-year term Question asked are there any other nominations? Hearing none a request for a voice vote was made. All agreed to voice vote and the slate was accepted as presented. Review of the Year Reports: Jackie requested that members read the reports that were submitted. Comments: The audit for 2015 is available for review. Members of the audit team were Wayne Peters, Dale Miller, Jackie O’Clair with Susan O’Clair as an observer. They found one deficiency. It is necessary to have two individuals count the offering after worship. There were five occasions where only one person was present. It was determined that most contributions are made by check and that the cash contributions were consistent over the surrounding weeks. The treasurer is unable to be part of the counting team every week. It was requested that members of the congregation help with this task. The congregation was reminded that the family of Stephen Moyer requested contributions made in his name after his untimely death by used for a memorial garden. The congregation was asked to consider making this a priority for 2017 as we are overdue in complying with this request. Motion to adjourn. Second. Accepted. Lynn prayed for us and blessed the food we were about to share. Amen.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail J. Peters, Clerk

Treasurer’s Report
2016 audit November, 2017

An Audit of the ST. Aidan’s Church financial records was conducted on August 27,2017. The audit was approved by the vestry on October 8th and mailed to the Diocese of Maine on October 9, 2017. The Audit was conducted by Junior Warden Marga James, Senior Warden Jacqueline O’Clair and Treasurer Dale Miller. Susan O’Clair was present as an observer. The Audit Committee found no issues or areas of concern as a part of the audit.
Respectfully Submitted
Dale E. Miller, Treasurer

Draft 2018 Budget Numbers

revised 11/06/17 2017 2017 2017 2018

Budget Actual* *Extrapolated Budget

Balance in Checking:
for 12 months

Carry forward – General Fund 2,953.22 18,156.59

Carry forward – Designated Funds 2,200.00 ($1,624.40)

Operating Revenues – Checkbook balance as of 10/31/17:


Pledge Payments 43,600.00 41,045.78 45,617.00 46,000.00
*2017 includes $7,920 2017 pledges prepaid in 2016

Plate Offerings 2,191.50 1,786.00 2,200.00 2,200.00

Contributions, Organizations 875.00 1,078.57 1,100.00 1,100.00

Other Operating Income and Designated Funding Projects 100.00 1,313.02 1,313.02 3,200.00
Plant sale and special exterior painting appeal

Assistance from Diocese 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Bank Interest 6.00 8.24 11.00 11.00

Voided or Returned Checks 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

Total Operating Revenues 46,772.50 45,231.61 50,241.02 52,511.00

Non-Operating Revenues:

Desiginated Funds and Gifts 2,000.00 4,782.22 4,728.22 2,500.00
reflects *2500 investment fund transfer for memorial garden

Designated Offerings Outreach 3,000.00 3,426.98 3,829.78 3,000.00

Total Revenues 51,772.50 53,440.81 58,799.02 58,011.00

Operating Expenses: 1 Clergy Salary 18,172.69 15,369.98 18,172.69 18,818.08 2 Lodging 200.00 0.00 0.00 200.00 3a Clergy Health Insurance 1,500.00 965.18 1,300.00 1,500.00 3b Clergy Pension 3,271.08 2,725.90 3,000.00 3,387.00 3c Clergy Life Insurance 144.00 108.00 108.00 144.00

3d Clergy Continuing Education 375.00 310.00 310.00 350.00 4 Supply Clergy 300.00 150.00 150.00 300.00 5 Cleaning, Nursery & Bookkeeping 3,650.00 2,857.98 3,500.00 3,650.00 6a Music Salary 3,200.00 2,663.30 3,000.00 3,220.00 6b Music program 0.00 0.00 0.00 280.00 7 Workers’ Comp Insurance 100.00 72.00 100.00 100.00 8 Church Utilities 3,000.00 2,737.91 3,300.00 3,300.00

9 Repairs & Minor Improvements 800.00 892.36 900.00 3,500.00
Includes $2,500 for exterior wall painting
10 Property & Liability Insurance 1,200.00 1,435.49 1,435.49 1,435.49 11 Office Supplies 200.00 343.46 0.00 100.00 12 Postal Expense 200.00 185.00 185.00 200.00 13 Travel 200.00 0.00 200.00 200.00 14 Telephone 700.00 587.02 700.00 700.00 15 Congregational Life 700.00 20.00 700.00 500.00 16 Assessment to the Diocese 4,781 4,029.20 4,781.00 6,950 17 Altar Supplies 150.00 0.00 100.00 100.00 18 Other Prop Expense & Plowing 1,000.00 1,127.50 1,200.00 1,200.00 19 Trash Pickup 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 20 Building Loan 2,644.00 2,203.40 2,644.00 2,644.00 21 Diocese Payroll Charge 147.00 132.00 156.00 160.00 22 Computer Dial-Up 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 23 Computer Parts and Labor 50.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 24 Transfer to Other Accounts 0.00 0.00 0.00

Total Operating Expenses 46,684.77 38,915.68 45,942.18 52,938.57

Non-Operating Expenses: 25 Transfers from Outreach Des. Funds 2,500.00 3,071.48 3,600.00 2,500.00

26 Other Transfers from Des Funds 2,300.00 8,706.61 8,115.00 2,500.00
$2,500 for memorial garden

Total Non-Operating Expenses 4,800.00 11,778.09 11,715.00 5,000.00

Total Expenses 51,484.77 50,693.77 57,657.18 57,938.57

Anticipated carry forward 287.73 2,747.04 1,141.84 72.43

Wardens Report 2017
This has been a very active year here at St Aidan’s. This spring we saw the visit from the Bishop, St. Aidan’s successful participation in an interfaith Lenten worship series and completion our first year of “Living Local Finding God”. We again participated in the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and April saw us host 40+ students for the Rainbow Weekend held at UMM as well as expanding our outreach to groups that use our space for meetings each week.
As part of caring for this sacred space, your vestry started on some long overdue maintenance during the February, March timeframe. A new fresh look in the Sanctuary and Narthex was accomplished with freshly painted walls and cleaned beams. This summer we started on some restoration work and the exterior painting of the west wall of the church giving it a much need facelift. This fall the old back access way, which was not useable and dangerous, was removed. A new set of stairs and access path has been created in the back of the church in anticipation of our creating a new memorial garden next spring. We are in the process of switching propane suppliers and took steps to reduce our heating expenses by purchasing our own propane tank.
To continue this work, your vestry has started on a four year project to paint the outside of the church. Next year we will be painting the back exterior wall. This space is a combination of old siding in a similar condition to that of the west wall and is long overdue for painting. The new exterior walls only had a primer coat that was applied at the factory and is in need of a good exterior coat of paint. In 2019, we plan on painting the front of the church and finally in 2020 we will paint the east wall that runs along the UMM Science building.
Lastly, I wish to thank Marga James for serving as Junior Warden for the last 2 years. Having someone that I can depend on, that could be here when I could not be and whose son helped us with our shoveling has been a tremendous benefit to us here at St. Aidan’s.
Thank you for allowing me to serve you,
Jacqueline O’Clair, Senior Warden

Living Local: Joining God in the Neighborhood
Thank you to Dale Miller, Stephen Colhoun, Karen Varian, and Joanne Jacob for their participation in this diocesan program. Thank you also to Lynn Rutledge+ for her on-going support. We have attended several workshops this year and learned so much. We have learned about ourselves and our “neighbors.”
Our focus has been to listen to what is outside the walls of our sanctuary without judgement and to ponder what we are hearing. We know that God is omnipresent – everywhere in and outside our church. It is our goal to join God outside our walls and `to live out our faith in the wider world. We sent a letter to the groups who meet in our space and offered ourselves and thanks for their great work. We have been on the UMM campus with gifts of thanksgiving and love. We continue to respond to the Second Sunday Second Offering each month.
As part of this program we have continued to Dwell in the Word. We read Luke 10:1-12 at the beginning of each vestry meeting. It is Christ sending out the disciples in pairs traveling lightly and bringing the good news where it will be heard. We have grown in our understanding of discipleship the hardships it might bring and the frustrations.
Our diocesan coach is Thomas White-Hassler. He has visited us here at St. Aidan’s and made himself available whenever we need a pep talk. It is a privilege to be part of this diocesan program. My aim is for all of us to share more fully with each other our outside the walls experiences with God.
Gail J. Peters


We continue to sing the psalms at Eucharist using either an Anglican chant or simplified Anglican chant. For Morning Prayer we use a metrical psalm, and have learned Anglican chants for the Nunc Dimittis, Song of Penitence and Pascha Nostrum. Other metrical canticles are also used at Morning Prayer. Printing scripture lessons with music for psalms (and canticles for Morning Prayer) have helped services flow much more smoothly.
At his annual visitation Bishop Lane stated that most Episcopal Churches have a repertoire of about eighty hymns that they sing. In looking back over the lists of hymns we have been singing, I discovered that we are using over 225 hymns, including fifty that were new to the Hymnal 1982. These ‘new’ hymns include 23 old hymns that were not in the previous hymnal (such as “Christ is made the sure foundation”), 11 folk hymns, particularly American (such as “What wondrous love is this”) and 16 new hymns (such as “Earth and all stars).
I presented an organ recital given in late July, “Music for a Sacred Space”, consisting of music written from the 17th to 20th centuries. By adding many extra chairs, about sixty persons filled our small worship space for this concert, and monies were raised to purchase a new propane tank. A recording was also made, with profits from this going to the church music program.
Stephen Wiggin

Contributions were made to the Memorial Fund to establish a garden in the name of Stephen Moyer. Perin Gray of We Can Dig It who handles our landscaping has given us the following estimate. It should cost no more than $2,000. Included in the estimate are seven rugosa rose bushes at $45 each which would outline the garden. It also includes perennials in each quadrant of the cross. The cross pathway would be lined with aluminum edging with ¾” blue stone as pathway. This is the original plan as outlined by Perin. The materials for the cross pathway are still under discussion. We are considering pressure treated wood rather than aluminum edging and wood chips for the pathway. The remainder of the area would be planted in grass. A bench would be added. This project cannot begin until spring.

    • To learn more, please contact either the Wardens or any member of the Vestry


Vestry meets with bishop Lane on March 22, 2017

From left to right: Gail Peters,  Dale Miller, Connie Wiggin and Bishop Lane standing

St Aidan’s 2017 Vestry

Senior Warden:  Jacqueline O’Clair

Junior Warden:  Marga James

Secretary:   Gail Peters

Treasurer:  Dale Miller

Vestry:  Robert Pinion (2017) Connie Wiggen (2018) Anne McGhie (2019)

Meet Gail Peters


I have lived in Downeast Maine since 2002.  I attended a Lutheran Church prior to moving to ME.  The Episcopal Church is in full communion with the Lutheran Church; so, it was a natural fit for me.  In fact I had been studying to become a Lutheran pastor while living in Alexandria, VA.  The nearest seminary was Virginia Theological Seminary an Episcopal school of theology in Alexandria.  Virginia Theological Seminary worked with a consortium of schools including Gettysburg Seminary where I was technically enrolled.  Church means family to me.  It has always been my rock of support especially during my husband’s 35 years in the military with his many deployments.  Even now, as I live far away from biological family members, I find St. Aidan’s to be a spirit lead family of brothers and sisters.