June 11th Vestry Meeting highlights:

  • Marga James stated she will make corn chowder for the State Park fundraiser supper for the Machias Food Pantry
  • The front entry porch repairs are done and it will be painted at a later date this summer.
  • Discussion is underway according to the Sr. Warden to look at possibly purchasing a tank for propane to lessen costs in the long run.
  • An ongoing discussion of possibly restructuring St. Aidan’s Investment Fund and St. Aidan’s Property Fund
  • We are hosting the June Downeast Feast Dinner at Centre Street Congregational Church at 5:00 p.m. on June 22.
  • Steve Wiggins will play a concert at 3:00 p.m., July 30, at St. Aidan’s to help raise money for heating St. Aidan’s for community use.  There will be a reception.  Cost will be a $10 donation for the heating fund.  There will also be a opportunity to contribute toward a new propane tank. Tickets will be sold in advance.
  • The convention will be held this year in Bangor the last weekend in October.  It is on Saturday, October 28th.  We have been asked to provide the names of our delegates and alternate delegates.  With their agreement, Connie and Stephen Wiggin were nominated to attend as our delegates.  Jackie O’Clair and Joanne Jacob were nominated for our alternates
  • The treasurer will assist with the audit.  Two additional persons will be needed to complete the task.  Marga James and Jackie O’Clair will be our auditors.
  • Discussion of the upcoming workshop,  Living Local: Joining God,  and the churches who will be invited, etc. was held. Gail Peters is coordinating this.

For more information, please contact either of the Wardens, or any member of the Vestry.


Vestry meets with bishop Lane on March 22, 2017

From left to right: Gail Peters,  Dale Miller, Connie Wiggin and Bishop Lane standing

St Aidan’s 2017 Vestry

Senior Warden:  Jacqueline O’Clair

Junior Warden:  Marga James

Secretary:   Gail Peters

Treasurer:  Dale Miller

Vestry:  Robert Pinion (2017) Connie Wiggen (2018) Anne McGhie (2019)

Meet Gail Peters


I have lived in Downeast Maine since 2002.  I attended a Lutheran Church prior to moving to ME.  The Episcopal Church is in full communion with the Lutheran Church; so, it was a natural fit for me.  In fact I had been studying to become a Lutheran pastor while living in Alexandria, VA.  The nearest seminary was Virginia Theological Seminary an Episcopal school of theology in Alexandria.  Virginia Theological Seminary worked with a consortium of schools including Gettysburg Seminary where I was technically enrolled.  Church means family to me.  It has always been my rock of support especially during my husband’s 35 years in the military with his many deployments.  Even now, as I live far away from biological family members, I find St. Aidan’s to be a spirit lead family of brothers and sisters.