These are a few of the icons produced by artist Geoffrey P. Moran on display in the Nave of St. Aidan’s:

Our Art

St Aidans- Icon NativityThe Nativity

This festal icon is in the Greek and Russian tradition and includes the typical presentation of Angels and animals at Christ’s birth. A concerned St. Joseph is often shown grappling with the mystery of the virgin birth.

St Aidans- JulianOfNorwichSt Julian of Norwich

This original icon, in the tradition of dormition icons, depicts Julian’s death-bed vision of a sorrowful and dying Christ. Its Western medieval architecture reflects the time and setting of Julian’s life in her cloister.

St Aidans - St Nicholas St Nicholas

While in the Russian tradition, this icon adds a degree of naturalism often missing in depictions of St Nicholas. This is one of the 2 or 3 most popular household icons in orthodox homes..

St Aidans- Icon Lord of the UniverseLord of the Universe (Pantocrator) (original)

In the Greek/Russian tradition, Christ is often depicted as a compassionate teacher, with open Gospel, or sometimes with a stern and judgmental image. Showing authority over the universe this icon is often placed in large size in the dome of an orthodox church.

St aidans- Icon St GeorgeSt George

This depiction is in the Ethiopian tradition, inspired by the original painted on cloth by modern iconographer, Qes Adamu Tesfaw. Here St George slays the dragon and saves Princess Birutawit, a figure rarely if ever depicted in Western versions of this common icon.


Madonna and Child

This work seems to modeled in the Italian tradition of Berlinghiero an Italian artist of 13th century.

St aidans - Icon Saint_MichaelSt Michael

In this militaristic Serbian depiction, St Michael brandishes a sword and holds the universe in his hand. His head-band is the symbol of an official courier in the Byzantine world.