Meet Steve Colhoun

Steve is a member of the Living Local: Joining God in the Neighborhood team at St. Aidan’s.  This is how he has put the ideals of the LL:JG into practice by meeting people outside of our church building, too.  Steve is a volunteer extraordinaire!  Steve has been a member of St. Aidan’s for several years now.  In that time, he has contributed to our parish.  With equal gusto,  he is a volunteer in the community.  Steve volunteers 4 to 5 hours per week at the Down East Community Hospital. If you are interested in volunteering your time at the hospital contact Tammy  Denning at or visit the web       There is superb volunteer training and those who wish to give of their time can work in a variety of departments.  The time you contribute helps free up the  professional staff  so they can do their jobs more efficiently.

Steve also volunteers at the Jonesport Elementary School.   Steve recommends that you give your local school system a call. There may be a program in place that allows community members help improve your local school. By being a volunteer you are giving the most valuable gift of all – your time.    Many hands do make light work.